Word▶️ #2: Look Over the Manuscript

Your foolproof proofreading is requested.

We hope at least some of you consider a new Rackenfracker to be a red-letter day, but this time we need you to summon your inner proofreader and at least make it a red-ink day.

If you're into cryptics but a little gunshy about variety cryptics, this one's for you. It looks and plays like a standard block cryptic except for ooone little thing that can
be puzzled out, bit-by-bit, in a way that we trust will bring a satisfying aha.

Those that have been around The Rackenfracker awhile know that we're big fans of Twitch solving, and we know some Twitch solvers are reticent to solve paywalled works on stream. So for future reference: We welcome Word▶️ subscribers streaming these puzzles. (And if you hit us up @rackenfracker on Twitter, we might even stop by and say hello.)

Thanks to Andy Stilp, John Sams, Bob Stigger and joeadultman for test solves and consultation, and to Bill MacDonald for his edits. The puzzle can be solved in-browser, via the Puzzazz app, and, as always, on paper.

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