Complaints Department & Other Spoilers

Avert your eyes, unless you've solved a puzzle and have a question or comment, in which case revert them.

As a community, you may be often be wondering … what the hell was up with that puzzle?

This post, which will be pinned to the menu at the top of the site, is your clearinghouse to air those grievances and discuss your own solving experience with the puzzles we post. Each post has room for comments as well, and that's always a great place to share your thoughts on that puzzle, but if your comment would give away an answer or divulge a secret theme, this omnibus post is the place to talk about it. We'll create starter comments for each puzzle, past and future, so that you can reply in-thread to ask questions, gnash teeth, or tip hats as appropriate. Thanks to subscriber Rachael, who's done all three of the above and made us realize we needed to create a space where solvers can speak freely.

Just remember … this page becomes a potential minefield as soon as a new puzzle gets published. So: HERE BE SPOILERS. (By the same token: If you're here, consider yourself freed of the ROT13 burden.) Pro tip: If you want to limit what you see, search on the page for the title of the puzzle you're here for. And if you can't comment, it's because you don't have a (free) account.

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