Out of Shape #10: Track Stars

Two, four, six, eight/ A cryptic you'll appreciate.

So begins the last lap of Out of Shape, coming off the blocks with our final "easy one." These last three puzzles were beastly to set — the next two in particular are fully checked affairs, meaning every square is crossed by two answers.

Alas, the pendulum swings both ways: 40 percent of this grid is crossed by unclued entries.

Happy solving! As Barry Goldwater famously said, "Googlism in pursuit of Rackenfracker themes is no vice."

Thanks to Andy Stilp and John Sams, and a little extra flourish in the tip of our hat to editor Will Nediger (🎶 the flawed clue's a-/ pex predator 🎶) for helping us grapple with finer points of clueing strategies than usual.

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