Out of Shape #6: Weave Only Just Begun

We're not saying that this puzzle is diabolical, but it will make you cross yourself.

Hard to believe Out of Shape is now half done. Welcome to new subscribers here to see what wild hairs we chase down, and thanks to veteran Rackenfrackists for your continued encouragement, however misguided it may be. To the extent that we succeed in minimizing your frowns and maximizing your smiles, it's 100 percent due to the feedback you provide, so thanks also for letting us know how you're doing in the comments on these posts or directly at hello@therackenfracker.com.

Last month’s puzzle was harder than it looked. This month’s puzzle is easier than it sounds.

The Spell Weaving variety crossword format, developed by Mike Shenk, is given a thorough ’fracking here, with complications to prevent you from putting answers directly into the grid, but test solvers suggest it's a shade or two easier than the ziggurat.

Thanks to Andy and John for knitting their brows on our behalf, and also to the name that looms largest, editor Will Nediger.

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