Word▶️ #10: Windtalker

A cryptic journey into not-quite-uncharted territory.

Hard to believe we're starting Word▶️'s final three-puzzle cycle. It's really been a joy getting these puzzles out there to you, and we hope you're as excited as we are about Out of Shape launching in September. (For those who want to double their fun, we've got a free puzzle coming out before Word▶️ #11.)

We've said before that all of Word▶️ existed before we started publishing it, and for a long time that was true. But the original puzzle we had in this slot was only peripherally pop cultural, and while we were trying to square that circle, we had one of our favorite things: an idea.

Specifically, an idea that would appeal to Kelsey Dixon, who had responded to our Help Wanted post volunteering to intern on one of our puzzles. Kelsey is at the very forefront of the indie crossword movement that explores the form as a means of personal expression; she's also at the forefront of constructors writing hilarious clues.

It was a delight to get to work with her on this freshly constructed Word▶️ #10. You can check out Kelsey's work in many venues, but let's shout out her blog, Crossword Club, and Andrews McMeel Universal (where she's a puzzle editor).

Thanks to our test solvers Andy Stilp and John Sams, and to our editor Bill MacDonald — this is a fun puzzle that's more fun because of them.

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