Word▶️ #11: Multicellular

An organismic experience.

Today's puzzle is large: more than 80 clues. Today's puzzle is also a lexical gauntlet: We beg you to have no compunctions about keeping m-w.com and Google handy for all of your is-this-a-word? theories and queries. If you thought, "hey ... I wish those guys from The Rackenfracker would make a cryptic that combines Listener-style variety mechanisms with Listener-style vocab" ... have we got good news for you!

All of our big puzzle credos apply: Bring friends; set it down and come back to it. Apologies if you use Puzzazz to solve — we couldn't get the ipuz to play nicely. (Do you use Puzzazz to solve? Please drop a comment below if so.)

Thanks to Andy Stilp, joeadultman, Fizzix and Steve Mossberg for the test solves, and Bill MacDonald for the edits. (You might think we're being uncharacteristically brief today, but that's because you haven't gotten to the instructions yet.)

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