Rackenfracker #10: Arrowhead

Word to the wiseguy.

Inaugurating what we expect to be a new tradition around here: Every 10th Rackenfracker will be an acrostic. We love coming up with crazy things to do with the variety cryptic form, but also, we love acrostics, and they can absolutely scratch our up-is-down variety itch.

Today’s puzzle was edited by the right honorable joeadultman, who published a new cryptic of his own this weekend. Thanks to Aaron Riccio for answering our call for help and assisting in the clue factory, and to Andy and John for the test solves. Acrostics do require a different technology solution than our other puzzles, so today’s online solve is courtesy Crossword Nexus. Thanks to Alex Boisvert and Jeff Davidson for additional technical infrastructure. While there’s no .ipuz, solving in-browser should work on mobile.

Image credit: “Prehistoric Arrowheads” by Wessex Archaeology is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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