Word▶️ #6: Man in the Mirror

You might enjoy this puzzle on one condition.

There are a million things to say about this puzzle, all of them spoilers, spoiler-adjacent, or spoiler-adjacent-adjacent. So: mum's the word, narrowly beating out "Grease" and "the bird."

Test solves have shown this is a puzzle that resists at every turn; we don't intend to do that to you, but some puzzles just want to be hard. So rather than setting aside some time to solve it, consider setting aside some times.

The pop culture here is even more incidental here than it was in Marvel Team-Up — some might say this approaches Pure Variety — but we think there's a nice payoff for the iykyk crowd.

Thanks to Andy Stilp, John Sams and joeadultman for their test solves, and to Bill MacDonald for his edits. Thanks also to @CrusaderDeleters, who was our inaugural clue intern.

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